New York Series Paintings    Gallery 1 Paintings
The urban landscapes in this gallery were all painted on location at an abandoned golf center in the North Bronx. I painted my first landscape here in the fall of 2013. I pushed my painting gear under the fence and squeezed through a break in the locked gate to get onto the site. I did one small painting that year but due to a detective catching me in the act of slipping through the gate and telling me I wasn’t supposed to be on the property, I did not to go back. He told me he’d looked the other way that day, but suggested it would be better if I didn’t return. Luckily that painting was almost finished.

In February 2016, I was driving down Interstate 95 and caught a glimpse of a colorful structure from my window. I decided to go back to the area to explore. What I found, was the same place I had painted at in 2013, however there was another portal/ break in the fence that I hadn’t seen in 2013. This entrance was on other side of the site and had access to the rest of the buildings.

The Bronx Golf Center is a very large site with fascinating old structures that are gradually being reclaimed by nature. There are interesting remnants of a time when kids played miniature golf, while adults used the driving range or the batting cages, all of which is slowly being engulfed by creeping vines and other vegetation.

Rumor has it that this site will someday be replaced by a shopping mall and with that another piece of Bronx history will be paved over and disappear.




   Bronx Draw Bridge, Painted by Valeri Larko
Photo of Abandoned Bronx Golf Center on site by Valeri Larko