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Salvage Yard Series PaintingsImages in this gallery are of earlier oils on linen. I often approach this subject matter with a sense of irony and humor. My decision to paint one thing instead of another is often based on an inner dialogue with that subject or scene. The yellow stacks of a factory, transformed by sunlight, may remind me of a cathedral. Or two rusted tanks take on a human quality as they lean together in an ancient embrace. It is this inner play with my subjects that engages me in the physical world.

Urban and Industrial Early Works on Paper
All of my paintings, both large and small, are painted on location. Initially I started the works on gessoed watercolor paper as studies for larger paintings. Gradually I began to see these studies as separate works independent of the larger pieces. While they still may function as ideas for larger paintings, many times I am happy with the small work and I don't feel a need to create a more finished piece. The small works have a looseness and spontaneity that make them a lot of fun to paint.

   Bronx Draw Bridge, Painted by Valeri Larko
   Mt. Olive Cemetery 1999 oil on linen • 26” x 46” private collection by Valeri Larko